LCC 1/29/2016

Karbach 1/22/2016

LCC 7/25/2015

Upcoming shows:
Karbach Brewing - Jan 7, 2017 (5-7 pm)

Eureka Heights Brewing - Jan 20, 2017 (7-9 pm)

Rudyard's Pub - Jan 27, 2017 (10pm)

Karbach Brewing - Feb 4, 2017 (5-7 pm)


High energy jam rock quartet, Houston's own LOCATE, fuses psychedelic rock, funk, and 4-on-the-floor dance beats with a heavy layer of improvisation...LOCATE is constantly taking musical risks so that every show is completely unique. The music morphs as a collective unit, adding subtle layers and going many places while keeping a minimalist approach. A combination of original material along with familiar and obscure covers collide into groove oriented ambiance, organized chaos, and at times, uncontrolled crescendos.